COVID-19 Note:

MallorcAlpina guarantees to its clients, the strict compliance with the protocol on measures to reduce the infection by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, elaborated by the Institute for the Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), specifically for active tourism and mountain guides.

MallorcAlpina will guide you through excursions and many other activities related with nature, surrounded extremely beautiful landscapes and always under the control of our local and professional guides with a lot of years of experience in these activities.
The town of Sóller located on the north-west coast of Mallorca, right in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana is our base of operations. Without doubt the best location to practice mountain sports in the Balearic Islands.
MallorcAlpina, your mountain sport center in the Serra de Tramuntana. Since 1999

Why MallorcAlpina?

·     Because all the members of our team have a lot of years of experience
·      Because we are all people born and grown up in the Serra de Tramuntana
·      Because we work with small groups from 1 to 12 people
·      Because we have all permissions required to any private places that we could pass though during the routes
·      Because we don’t just walk, we also offer our knowledge about the nature, culture and history of all the places that we visit
·      Because you are the one who sets the pace of the activities
·      Because we offer a highly customized experiences        
·    Because all our routes are inside the World Human Heritage Territory by the UNESCO

For all these reasons…, discover the secrets of the Serra de Tramuntana with MallorcAlpina. Since 1999

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