The Descent of Torrent de Pareis, Escorca, Mallorca
The place located from s’Entreforc to Sa Calobra is known as Torrent de Pareis. This is, without any question, one of the most popular adventure activities in the whole Mallorca, and very known attraction for people from all around the world. 
The Torrent de Pareis is a natural monument due to its incredibly beauty. It starts in the point known as s’Entreforc where Torrent d’es Gorg Blau and Torrent de Lluc converge, creating the biggest natural cirque in the island.      
Distance Torrent de Pareis: 3.2km, descent 180mts, estimated time: 2,5-3h

The itinerary can be completed from three different starts.

1.  From Escorca:
      This is the most known one and the shortest. Total distance 7.2km, total descent 615mts
·   Price: From 50,00€
·   Total estimated duration:  4-5 hours. 
·    Physical difficulty: ****
·    Technical difficulty: ****

2.   From Lluc:
      From Torrent de Lluc, 2 canyons in one!. Total distance 9.4km, total descent 490mts
·   Price: From 60,00€ 
·   Total estimated duration:  5-6 hours. 
·   Physical difficulty: ****
·   Technical difficulty: ****

3.  From s’Esmolar:
      Through the great s’Esmolar abseil with 60mts of height. Total descent 615mts. 
·   Price: From 80,00€
·   Total estimated duration: 6-7 hours. 
·   Abseil experience required
·   Return by boat to Port of Sóller available in the three routes.
·   Schedule: Variable according to the route and time in the year
·   Capacity: Groups from 1 to 8 people. Maximum 5 people in s’Esmolar route
·    Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English available
·   How to get there? Free shuttle service from any hotel or private villa in Sóller and Fornalutx. Do not hesitate to ask for any other options from the rest of the island or to define the meeting point
·   Requirements: No vertigo suffering, good corporal balance and good physical condition. You have to be able to jump a meter of height. 
·   Equipment needed: High grip shoes, hat, sun cream, cape, water and something to eat.

  Available all year round. Previous booking required

·         Physical and technical difficulty of our trekking routes:
*       Very easy
**     Easy
***   Medium
**** Hard