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Bird Watching Inland Tours in the Serra de Tramuntana

·   Technical description: Short walks with many stops to admire the birds.
·    Physical difficulty: *
·    Technical difficulty: *
·    Price: From 40,00€
·    Total estimated duration: 4 hours
·    Schedule: Start at 9:00 or 16:00.
·    Capacity: From 1 to 8 people
·    Language: Catalan, Spanish or English
·   How to get there? Free shuttle service from any hotel or private villa in Sóller, Fornalutx and Deià. Do not hesitate to ask for any other options from the rest of the island or to define the meeting point

Birds that can be seen in our tours:

Black Vulture "Aegypius monachus"; Griffon Vulture "Gyps fulvus"; Booted Eagle "Aquila chrysaetos"; Peregrine Falcon "Falco peregrinus"; Kestrel "Falco tinnunculus"; Red Kite "Milvus milvus"; Raven "Corvus corax"; Hoopoe "Upupa epops"; Blue Rock Thrush "Monticola solitarius"; Sardinian Warbler "Sylvia melanocephala"; Marmora´s Warbler "Sylvia sarda"

And many others present for whole year or just in summer or winter like: Bonelli's Eagle "Hieraeetus fasciatus"; Osprey "Pandion haliaetus"; Black Kite "Milvus migrans"; Eleonora's Falcon "Falco eleonorae"; Egyptian Vulture "Neophron percnopterus"

Available all year round. Previous booking required

·         Physical and technical difficulty of our trekking routes:
*       Very easy
**     Easy
***   Medium
**** Hard